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This site contains all the infomation you will ever need to know about the Gambescia family. Most of the site is encrypted and password is needed to access personal data. If you need a password contact Greg Sr.

This site is designed to allow the family to share news, keep in touch, and exapand the family tree to all family members as the family expands around the world. All are welcome to add to the family tree and add to thier particular branch. If you wish to add information to the family tree, just request a login from the menu on the left.

Feature Articles

feature 1 "Every child, no matter how many, is special.": A testimony to the parents who raised families with many children In “Every child, no matter how many, is special.”, readers are treated in humorous detail to large-size family dynamics, which any size family will enjoy.

feature 2 Reflections on a Pilgrimage to Rome on the Occasion of the Canonization of St. John Neumann Dr. Joseph M. Gambescia, a pious, devout student for seeking God’s grace, wrote Reflections… during his pilgrimage to the canonization of John Neumann.

feature 3 Joseph M. Gambescia, M.D. and the Position of the Feet on the Shroud of Turin. The History of an Investigation Dr. Gambescia was one of two medical experts on STURP’s team in 1978, having been a student of previous Shroud investigations since 1955.

feature 4 7 boys + 9 girls = one (huge) happy family What is it like to be raised in a family of 16 children? More to the point, what does it take to parent 16 children?

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